Steve always had a love for music, especially Christian music.  When he was a child, he loved the bands who would frequent his little country-style church.  These groups would later inspire him to have one of his own.  It was during one of these in-church concerts lead singer/guitarist David Best asked young Steve, "What do you want to do when you grow up?"  Without missing a beat he replied, "I wanna be just like you!"  Performing Christian music and sharing about Jesus Christ was his life-long desire.  

 However, after a 13 year prodigal journey, Steve came back to the Lord during a 1993 Christmas play where he played the Lord Jesus himself. He knew he couldn't go on-stage until he surrendered his life to Him...and he did!

 Citing groups like Love Song & Mountain Glory as early influences, Steve longed to share the gospel through music. Crimson Crown has given him that open door, and he has his marching orders!

  Ruth Martin, a very gifted musician & song writer, began taking piano lessons by the age of 4 and could read sheet music before her native language.  At the tender age of 7, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in her Living Room during one of her Mother's "Good News Club" child evangelism meetings.  She went on to impress audiences with her playing ability by leading worship in her church, performing for recitals, winning competitions and touring with a college choral group all by the age of 11.  

 Ruth's greatest musical achievements have been, however, the many "thank you's" she has received from the many shut-in's; folks who can't get out on their own.  Not only is Ruth a co-founding member of Crimson Crown, she is  a certified Chaplain & helps many people in several different circumstances.




  Co-founding member & guitarist Sam Kalapp has been bending notes on stage for many years.  His advanced playing skills has helped shape the sound that is Crimson Crown.  Sam even performed with a music ministry that traveled over- sea's to Russia, where they performed.

  Sam met Steve & Ruth in September 2006; where they formed a praise band that led praise & worship on rotation for the Singles Ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA for 1 1/2 years.    Since then, they've performed

at many events state-wide, competed and tied for 1st place at a Battle of the Bands, where they opened for The Katina's, and even released a CD in the summer of 2013.

 Sam is a hard worker, an awesome father, a faithful husband and a godly man; displaying Christ-likeness to

his wife and 3 daughters.

 He is also the band comic; making quick-witted, one-liner's during and after rehearsals.


Steve Martin 


  Ruth Martin


  Sam Kalapp


   elec. piano/synth/vocals

    electric bass/vocals

   electric guitars/effects

Tammi Contreras

  Gospel singer/song writer Tammi Contreras has helmed a rich, eclectic history of singing secular, as well as Christian music.

Beginning in the early 1980's as a member of seminal punk group, Youth Gone Mad, Tammi continued to flex and grow her musical muscle in the '90s with underground house/

techno/industrial collective Drance, and 2000's by collaberating with numerous prestigious rap artists from the east and west coasts.  Despite her success with these musical incarations, her truest work was created over the past sev-

eral years with Gospel music.

 Fueled by light and love, Tammi writes music about some of her harrowing life ex-

periences and how her rela-

tionship with Jesus Christ has saved and saves her.

 After some time away, Tammi has rejoined Crimson Crown, &

has dedicated herself to writing new and thought-provoking songs, engaging the listener into a relationship with the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Ryan Christianson



 Drummer extraordinaire Ryan Christianson responded to an online ad to contact him regarding an audition.  Upon hearing Ryan's skillful playing ability, he was immediately snatched up to be the timekeeper for Crimson Crown.

 Ryan has been playing drums for years and has performed in original and tribute bands (Heart, Jimi Hendrix and others), but felt in his heart he wanted to use his gifts unto the Lord.

 Ryan, who is married to his wonderful wife, Isabela, has a blessed life along with their two dogs, Peanut and Porsche.  Ryan has a big heart and enjoys helping others, and it shows in the work that he does as a Senior Loan Con-

sultant with Home n Loans. Nothing gives him more pleasure than to see others benefit from his expertise in getting them approved for home loans.  This is also true when he plays drums for the Lord.  Ryan enjoys seeing other people worship Jesus Christ through the music he is playing, "Nothing else comes close", he says.  Amen!