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In the Beginning

Way back on September 2006, husband and wife team Steven and Ruth Martin co-founded a music ministry which had its beginnings at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. After playing out for four years and after some line up changes, they decided it was time for a new direction and a new name for the ministry. Steven contacted the members to fast something they really enjoyed for several days (Steven's was coffee, of course)! 

On October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), after a week of fasting, the Lord revealed to Steven and Ruth that the new ministry would be called: "CRIMSON CROWN".  The Band members immediately loved it!

After some research, they did not find any bands performing under that moniker, so was snatched up and a new music ministry was born! The ministry lead worship at churches, recorded in the studio and performed concerts with numerous ministries for over the next eight years.

Then the Lord directed co-founder and bassist Steven C. Martin to begin writing. He completed his first book, "Mrs. Gail and the Good News Club" (a children's evangelical picture book based on his Mother-In-Law -- who mentored and hosted her home grown Bible club for 50+ years!) as well as creating movie and television scripts that bring glory to God.

It was at this time the music ministry took a sabbatical and writing scripts moved forward.

The first script was a faith/family/dramedy/modern-day western entitled, "No Place I'd Rather Be".

Right away it was nominated for Best First Time Screenwriter at Content Film and Music Festival in the Fall of 2020. Due to Covid, the festival got pushed a couple of times before landing on February 2021. On Awards Night, Steven was excited to see if it would win on his first time out. It didn't, but he did meet some extraordinary people and took several screenwriting classes to better himself for this new venture.

At the same time, Steven was already working in the Motion Picture and Television Industry and began sharing a storyline about growing up in Ojai, California in the 1970's.

This inspired him to develop a brand new faith/family/dramedy television series entitled,


Immediately the Pilot began winning at several festivals. In fact, another one of the episodes (The Boys of Summer) recently took first place for Best Television Pilot Script for Family-Comedy at Content Film and Music Festival 2023. Steven is now moving forward to crowd-fund the pilot for this new series.

If you are looking for quality faith and family programming that your whole family can watch together...


Simply click on the link to help crowd-fund this show. We are excited about developing good, quality programming without the swearing, sexual promiscuity and other immoralities.

Join in the fight to restore wholesome entertainment!

The Vision

Crimson Crown music ministry was a special group of musicians and vocalist's who put all their effort into making a joyful noise unto the Lord -- making Him known wherever they performed.

The group lead worship in countless churches, festivals and joined other ministries in concert settings; always looking for ways to share their personal testimonies, the Gospel message and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in any way they could.

Their debut CD was released in 2013 entitled, "From Grace To Glory" and contained four cover tunes as well as two originally-penned tracks. These songs are available on Soundcloud and itunes. The CD is currently sold out and out of print.

At left is The Band line up from 2016-2018. They are (L-R): drummer Ryan Christianson, guitarist Sam Kalapp, Lead Vocalist Tammi Contreras, Pianist/Keyboardist/Vocalist Ruth Martin, and Bassist/Vocalist Steven C. Martin.

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