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Crimson Crown

Finding Inspiration in Every Episode!

Late in 2021, Steven, a devoted and hard-working crew member of the Motion Picture and Television Industry was faced with a decision that would ultimately decide whether or not he would continue working in a position that he's held for over 15 years.  The demand by his employer went against his sincerely-held religious beliefs and his faith in Jesus Christ.


His choice was to either honor God, or abandon his faith and moral convictions for the security of a pay check. 

After much prayer and council from his church pastors, he chose to stand firm on his sincerely-held religious beliefs and trust and obey his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

As he waited on the Lord for direction, he turned his focus on writing scripts, something that he had been wanting to do for many years, but never had the time or the opportunity because of the extremely long work days in the Motion Picture and TV Industry.   His sole desire was to write faith-based and family-friendly scripts that would be filled with biblical wisdom, hope, encouragement and God's love! 


After many years of feeling deeply disappointed with the morally bankrupt content on television that promotes violence, promiscuity and divisiveness, it was time to roll up his sleeves and make a difference!  After submitting his first teleplay to various Film Festivals, he received notification:


Best TV Script Family-Comedy Award

Best TV Script Award

Best Writer Award

Platinum Short Story Award

Semi-Finalist Award

Nominated for Best TV Pilot Script  

Selected in several festivals


This is a very positive beginning for the newly developed "The Paperboy Chronicles."


Ojai's famous "Pink Moment".

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